About 'Love Your Little'

Those of us know the struggles and rewards that come from becoming parents and raising them. ‘Love Your Little’ Designs was started by Jessica Bergstresser, a Designer, and Mama. Inspired from her own experiences, her goal is to bring families a bit of sunshine, hope, humor, and support through the ups and downs that many new-time parents face.

The Lactation line features motivational words of encouragement for those mamas who are nursing and/or pumping. Hang these posters in your workplace pump room, pin these buttons to your pump bag, read these cards for on-going motivation. This series was created and inspired by Jessica's own struggles with breastfeeding and back-to-work pumping, and into many issues mamas face when trying to provide for their little one(s).

The "toddler series" is a set of temporary tattoos that help tap into patience and appreciation, when you may be at your wits-end. Yes, mama, it's a hectic and emotionally draining time. But these moments will be memories, and this series helps give perspective and serves as a gentle reminder to 'just breathe' through it all. You got this, mama!

For parents who've gone through the hardships of a loss and are now expecting their miracle baby (called a "rainbow baby,") this series gives hope, positivity, and light during this special time. As the saying goes, "after every storm, comes a rainbow," these temporary tattoos can be worn during pregnancy, during birth, and even afterwards once baby arrives and is in your arms to hold and love <3.

Stay tuned, we're about to unveil a new series for people who've gone through loss as well as fertility treatments.