We're on a mission to visit offices everywhere to inspire working mamas. We connect and partner with local offices, organizations, and businesses to help encourage their working mamas! Our purpose is to help foster the connection between the working mom and the supportive workplace.  We'd love to come visit your workplace!


We work together with companies to offer motivation and support for their back-to-work employees returning from maternity leave. Here's how:

  • Workplace Consultations. We have insights and knowledge on what back-to-work moms need when returning to work. We provide consultations to employers on ways companies can support their mothers returning to work. Based on our experience and connections with mom communities and support groups, we offer advice, lists, resources, and recommendations of much-needed items and actions that will help a working mom transition back to work with ease. Most importantly, we get to know the employer and find ways to offer support that make it personal to their company, so the offerings compliment their brand, workplace culture, and initiatives. 
  • Mother's Room Motivational Artwork. We provide inspirational and humorous Lactation Art for nursing and pumping mamas. The original artwork comes matted and framed. We also help offer suggestions on best ways to hang and decorate. Accompanying the artwork is a plaque describing how the company is on a mission to support its working moms.
  • Mother's Room Re-Vamp. We make an in-person visit to assess the current workplace environment, offer suggestions on ways to maximize the Mother's Room space, and work with the staff to obtain supplies to execute and deliver. Anything from: best ways to design and utilize the space, a list of items and furnishings needed to support pumping moms, supplies to make pumping easier, optimal paint color swatches for walls, to hanging motivational artwork. We have a Designer that specializes in room decor and can help re-vamp your space to provide your employees with a relaxing, comfortable, and motivational space.
  • "Welcome Back-to-Work" Packages. We work with employers to offer kind gestures of support that really goes a long way with the back-to-work mom. We help HR teams and staff create thoughtful care packages and goodie bags with items and resources mom's need to make the transition back to work easier. We work directly with the staff to tailor the items to best reflect the company's values while staying within budget. 


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Love Your Little gives businesses an opportunity to show support and understanding for moms transitioning back to the workplace after having a child. Love Your Little speaks to the heart of any organization.
— Michelle K., Human Resources Director, R/GA Chicago
Supporting nursing moms at work by... providing family-friendly benefits bring your business a 3:1 Return on Investment through lower health care costs, lower employee absenteeism rates (since babies are healthier), lower turnover rates, and higher employee productivity and loyalty.
I love what Love Your Little is doing for moms who are just trying to provide their babies the best while they are away at work!
— Angela C., working mom, Cincinnati, OH

Current Workplaces with Lactation Motivation

Love Your Little has begun visiting offices to showcase lactation artwork and hang it on display. Check out a few pictures of the growing list of motivating workplaces in downtown Chicago. A shout out to Energy BBDOR/GA, and DigitasLBi for paving the way and supporting their fellow working mamas!


Bring Motivation to your Workplace!

Have an office Pump Room in need of some motivation? Did you recently return from maternity leave and could use some support?  Tell us about it and we'll reach out to make it happen.

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