Hope Is Here - Temporary Tattoo

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This message reinforces the strength, resilience, grace, and gratefulness of a new baby coming into the world after such hardship. For those that are pregnant with their 'rainbow baby,' or have recently given birth, what a wonderful way to celebrate new life! Wear this message anywhere you go--even in the delivery room!-- with a wearable temporary tattoo!

***What is a 'rainbow baby?*** For those that have had the misfortune of experiencing a loss, a rainbow is symbolic of hope as new life is created. After the storm (loss), comes a beautiful rainbow!

Tattoo is easy to apply, lasts 3-5 days, and is made using non-toxic ink. Measures approx. .625"x.5"

Buy individually or as a set. Our "Rainbow Baby" Set includes 5 differently designed tattoos of the following: 

  1. "After Every Storm Comes A Rainbow"

  2. "Hope Is Here"

  3. "You Are Deserving, Dear Mama"

  4. "Rainbows Are The Raddest"

  5. "Miracles Happen, You Are Proof"

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Additional Info

We work with a vendor who uses only medical grade adhesives on the temporary tattoos. The adhesive used (SA-968981) is FDA approved. Non-toxic ingredients include Acrylic polymer, Cellulose, Sugar, Polyvinyl butyral, Ester Plasticizer.