Making Milk Is My Superpower - Temporary Tattoo

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Take this wonderful message & reminder everywhere you go with a wearable temporary tattoo! Tattoo is easy to apply, lasts 3-5 days, and is made using non-toxic ink. (More in 'additional' info). Measures approx. .875"x.875"

Buy individually or as a set. Set includes 5 differently designed tattoos of the following: 

  1. "Making Milk is My Superpower"
  2. "It's Worth It"
  3. "Keep Calm and Nurse On"
  4. "Mama, You're Doing Great"
  5. "Every Drop Counts"
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Additional Info

We work with a vendor who uses only medical grade adhesives on the temporary tattoos. The adhesive used (SA-968981) safe and non-toxic and is FDA approved. Non-toxic ingredients include Acrylic polymer, Cellulose, Sugar, Polyvinyl butyral, Ester Plasticizer . The Adhesive confirms to FDA title 21 CFR 175.105, Adhesives; and Title 21 CFR176.180, Paper and Paperboard in Contact with Dry Foods, and is included among the regulated substances deemed acceptable for use as components of food contact applications. It also conforms to the Toy Safety Standard ASTM F963-96a, Section regarding heavy metals and also meets the requirements of the Photographic Activity Test (per ISO 14523).