Finding "More" out of Life: A Lesson from my Two-year-old on her Birthday.

by Jessica Bergstresser

Today my daughter turns two. And I'm finding so many emotions run through my head. It seems like we just left the hospital with this small, precious baby in the carseat. It seems like we just sung her first 'happy birthday' song at the park gathered around friends. How is she another year older already? I've realized that as quickly as time passes, there's something to take away from each moment. And, it comes from an unlikely source. Just as I've learned about how to care for a baby...and now… a toddler, I've also learned one of the most important lessons, from my very own daughter. Here, I write about it. 


A letter to my two-year-old, on her birthday:

Today you turn two! And by far, your favorite word is “more”. You say it again and again. A bazillion times, if I counted, I’m sure. But I just realized why you say it so much. In these short 2 years, you have figured it out. You have truly found the essence of life.

You want MORE jumps on the bed. You want MORE jelly on your bread. You want MORE books read to you at night. You want MORE tickles. MORE dances. MORE hugs. MORE songs sung to you.

You find the “more” in everything and want to experience it with all of your might. You find it in the simple things. Things that we all take for granted. Things we overlook. Like climbing the steps up and down…up and down…up and down. “More!” you say fervently. You are so happy, so enthralled, so excited about these little experiences. I would be silly to leave also give it all your gusto when you're NOT happy or don't get what you want… (no Mia, you need to leave your diaper on! > hello, tantrums!). At any rate, you find and give the ‘more’ in everything you do.

It makes me want to give you more. Give you more kisses when you say ‘boo boo’. Find more sunshine on cloudy days. Be more present in each moment. Listen more. Love more. Be more passionate. In these short 2 years, I have found “more” in what I do...I want to BE more. Because you make me want to be a better person, better friend, better wife, a better mama. Give more of myself, unconditionally.

Promise me, as you grow… as you have more birthdays under your belt… as more years pass: please, don’t ever loose your enthusiasm for seeking out the ‘more’ in things. The more in experiences. The more in life. No matter what you are doing, put your all into it--- your 'more’--- your ‘most’. Because the more you love, the more you smile, and the more you feel (good or bad), the more whole you’ll be.

Thank you, Mia, for opening my eyes each day to the opportunity to share more of my life with you, and to see the ‘more’ in everything. 

With all my Love and More,
Your Mama <3